How to Connect Printer to iPhone Quickly

Although there are many affordable AirPrint printers available, you can already buy a device that will not enable Apple’s remote printing standard. Fortunately, a straightforward Mac application called Useful Print based on the higher Airpods to a non-AirPrint printer simple, cheap, and effortless.

How to Connect Printer to iPhone
How to Connect Printer to iPhone

How to Connect Printer to iPhone

Previously branded as AirPrint Activator, this software turns a Mac-connected printer into an AirPrint printer that is distributed across your networking. At first when set up, you may print wirelessly from any Mac or device, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

What you need

This approach works best for users of desktops Computers or Macbook pros in “clamshell” mode since it necessitates your printer being continuously attached to the computer. Although we are using Samsung laser printers from the ML-1860 series in this tutorial, you may be using any printers that does not currently allow AirPrint.

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It’s also important to note that Handprint now asks a minimum gift of $5 (£3.90) before the 14-day free trial  Component, however, is the most cost-effective software of its sort. It is simple to setup and handles incoming print jobs consistently.

Add an AirPrint printer using work

Just go and purchase 5.5Print before adding AirPrint to any non-AirPrint machine. Despite the fact that this version now supports macOS Mojave, we have discovered version 5.5.0 for workplace is completely compatible with the most current McKinley Catalina.

Next, open the helpful Print.dmg file that you found in the download, drag the work application inside, and drop it in your Applications folder. You may then delete the handprint virtual disk out from Files application after this is finished.

Launch Finder, pick the programme, just double the thumbprint icon after the work has been transferred to your computer. When your Mac asks whether you wish to download an Internet-downloaded programme, choose Open.

iPhone AirPrint Printer

You should be able to see the printer in the desktop app as long as it is turned on and attached to your Mac. Just activate the toggling button on the left side of the machine to introduce AirPrint capabilities. Whether you get this notice, choose Permission. According on your settings page, you could be questioned if you want to allow an entering communication link.

That’s all; on both iOS and macOS computers, your tethered printer should now show up as an AirPrint printing. Find a picture or article on your iPhone, open the Sharing menu, and to choose Print to see whether this is the fact. Choose Printer, and the wireless printer you are still working on will let you print wirelessly.

Outstanding Airprint Printers

Remember that in order for this fix to function, your printer must be turned on, attached to the Macbook, and all of your equipment must be on the same wireless connection. You should be aware that AirPrint continues to function even while your Mac is off.

For the first 14 days, you may use it without paying anything, but to activate the full licence, you must donate at least $5 (£3.90). Click the handprint symbol in your Mac’s menu bar to setup a licence, check the app’s status, and access its options.

Enjoy Your Prints! Check out our thorough overview of the top Mac printers if you are looking to purchase a machine that is completely AirPrint compliant.  To resolve the issue while HP printers stop functioning, we also provide this guide.