Month: March 2021

How to Update Homepod

How to Update Homepod Software and Features

At its Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2019, Apple announced a number of additional capabilities arriving to Home Pods software, and to HomePod through an upgrade to iOS 13 for iPhone on October 28. Unfortunately,

How to Use Safari on Mac

How to Use Safari on Mac to Download Files

When using a Mac, you should use Safari, Apple’s native web browser. Downloading a file from the web is a breeze using Safari. Downloading images, movies, documents, and more is possible, but keeping track of

How to Block Emails on iPhone

How to Block Emails on iPhone to Prevent Spam

There seems to be little point in life to accept and block communications of individuals selling things you don’t need or whom believe that it would be their particular job to make your life a

MacBook Pro Not Charging

How to fix MacBook Pro Not Charging Complaint

Things that operate could run longer as the energy decreases if your New Macbook charger won’t recharge or the charging for the New Macbook isn’t functioning. This article will examine the causes of your Mac

How to Connect Printer to iPhone

How to Connect Printer to iPhone Quickly

Although there are many affordable AirPrint printers available, you can already buy a device that will not enable Apple’s remote printing standard. Fortunately, a straightforward Mac application called Useful Print based on the higher Airpods