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Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Improving Clinical Trials

Today, a new study from UCL released in the neuroscience reveals that machine learning may enhance our capacity to evaluate whether a new treatment is working in the brains, possibly allowing researchers to uncover pharmacological

Protect Privacy Law

Experts Call for Rules to Protect Privacy Law

Soon, thanks to machine learning and the maturation of the central nervous system connection, the blind will be able to see again, paralysed robots will be able to use their limbs, and neurological problems will

Future Search Engines

Fruit Fly Brains Inform Future of Search Engines

Your favourite websites and mobile applications employ Future Search Engines every day to sift through mountains of data in search of patterns of similarity, such as: goods that are identical to those you have previously

Open Source Machine Learning

Fight Cancer With Open Source Machine Learning

This is a darn near perfect setup for theft. Open – sourced Reinforcement Learning, which employs artificial intelligence and raw genetic material to forecast the efficacy of cancer therapy, does the same for disease warriors

Extensive Brain Map

300 Neurons Traced in Extensive Brain Map

Individual neurons in both hemispheres of the murine model have been found to exhibit elaborate branching patterns similar to embroidery, produce an expansive brain atlas, and often release spindle fibres that are around half a